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Naomi Ross (born November 1, 1995) is an American model and social media personality. She is known for her presence on various social media platforms, where she has gained popularity.[1][2][3][4] Naomi is also well known for being Adin Ross sister [5][6][7][8][9][10][11]


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Early life and Education

Naomi Ross was born on November 1, 1995, in Boca Raton, Florida.[12] She grew up with her parents, Ketil Born and Kaja Born, as well as a younger brother named Adin Ross.[1][13][14][15] She attended Mosjoen High School in Nordland, Norway, but her further academic qualifications are unknown.[1][4][16]

Modeling career

Ross began her career on Instagram in 2014, where she gained a following by sharing photos of herself as a model.[1][17][18][4] Over time, she has collaborated with various brands, including Fashion Nova, and has become a well-known figure in the beauty and skincare industry as an influencer.[1][13][19]

Social media presence

Ross is a content creator who streams a variety of content, including video games and talk shows, on the popular streaming platform Twitch.[14] She has amassed a following of over 90,000 users on the platform.[14] In November 2021, Ross launched a YouTube channel, which features clips of her Twitch streams, vlogs, pranks, challenges, and other content, and has gained over 17,000 subscribers.[17][20][21][22] Additionally, Ross has created an account on the subscription-based platform OnlyFans, which provides exclusive content to its subscribers.[23][18][4][19]

Personal life

Ross has not publicly shared much information about her personal relationships, and as such, her dating life remains largely private.[4][16][15] However, in August 2021, there were rumors that she was dating American rapper 6ix9ine and a former footballer turned YouTuber named Zias.[13][24][4][15] It is important to note that there has been no official confirmation of either of these rumors, and Ross's current relationship status remains unknown. In addition to her career as a social media personality, Ross has expressed an interest in traveling, music and yoga.[1]

Net worth

Naomi Ross has been reported to have an estimated net worth between $500,000 and $800,000, primarily from various sources such as sponsorship's, brand endorsem*nts, and income generated from her OnlyFans account.[2][17][25][24][18][19] Hair Style: Mid Taper Fade [1]


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