Getting Into The Closet - Corruption of Champions II (2024)

Getting Into The Closet
CreatorThe Observer
Quest GiverBrother Sanders
Level Range3+
Quest TypeSide Quest
LocationChapel of Velun
Sorran Altar
Can Fail?No


  • 1 Quest States
  • 2 Acquisition
  • 3 Progress
  • 4 Combat
  • 5 Loot
  • 6 Reward
  • 7 Chest Puzzle Spoiler

Quest States

0Having initially received the quest from Brother SandersSanders is building a cloister for the chapel, and has asked you to retrieve a religious artifact from a long-forgotten Sorran altar in the western edge of the mountains that ring Harvest Valley. From what the priest understands, the beginning of the path leading up to where the altar once stood is obscured by a waterfall.
1Once the Champion has traversed the trail to arrive at the Sorran AltarUpon reaching the mountain trail, it looks like Master Tollus' demon cult is after the same thing that you are. While you don't know why exactly they want it, you've got to get it before they do.
2Having defeated Master WhisperIt appears that Tollus' goons weren't after Sorra's Succor, but something else altogether. While you didn't manage to prevent them from escaping with their find, you at least managed to stop them from getting anything more out of their dig. With Sorra's Succor in hand, all that remains is for you to turn in the relic to Sanders and claim your reward.
3 (completed)Handing over the relic to SandersWith you handing over the Sorran relic to Sanders, the cloister is complete and open to the public. He's promised to look into the matter of Tollus' demon cult and why they're so interested in artifacts of the Godswar, but the matter is concluded on your side of things.


Brother Sanders will ask the Champion to retrieve a Sorran relic the next time they visit the Chapel of Velun if they had dealt with the Alraune.


Brother Sanders will call the Champion's attention and will ask the Champion to retrieve an artifact, Sorra's Succor, from a Sorran altar in the western mountains of Harvest Valley. Sanders will mention that the trail to the altar is hidden behind a waterfall grotto and will suggest bringing along some camping gear to help in the Champion's journey.

Once at the Harvest Valley, the Champion will be able to find the Greyvale Ranges to the west and will be able to discover the Trail Sanders mentioned. Once the Champion decides to traverse the trail, they will not be able to turn back until the journey has ended. Once the Champion has made their way through a narrow path, they will discover that the Demon Cult is present within the area. Traversing through the Sorran Altar will give chance to encounter cultist patrols consisting of 3-5 cultists.

Moving to the west will lead to a Climb option, in which the Champion may be able to climb to reach an advantageous position based on the following options:

  • Just Climb - Attempt to scale the cliff yourself without any additional help.
    • Requires Strength plus Agility divided by 2 to reach at least the 50% range to succeed
  • Camping Supplies - There's more than one way to use camping supplies, after all. You can see how having some handy tools would help you get up that cliff.

If the Champion is successful in climbing, they will be able to tie a rope to solid-looking protrusion of rock which will allow the Champion to climb and descend much easier. With the Champion at the top, they are able to Examine what lies ahead on the trail. If the Champion has not dealt with the cultist barricade, they may use either a Wyvern Venom, Naptha or if Quintillus is present he may use his fireball to deal with the barricade.

Making their way towards the middle, the Champion will find the Cultist barricade consisting of 8 cultists, the barricade will attempt to damage the Champion and their party before they can engage in combat. The Champion and their party will not be damaged by the cultist assault if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The barricade was handled using the Wyvern Venom, Naptha or by having Quintillus fireball it
  • The Champion has a shield
  • Arona is a present party member
  • The Champion has the Shield of Light power
  • The Champion has an Agility range of at least 70%

Once the Champion has dealt with the barricade, either through combat or through the items used when at the vantage point, they will the Cultist Reaver. His task is to stop or delay the Champion from interfering with Master Tollus' plan, after defeating him if Quintillus is in the party he can turn the Cultist Reaver into a statue.

Once the reaver has been dealt with, the Champion may find a temporary storehouse to the west. It seems to contain some of the equipment and provisions of the cultists however since they have been defeated, the Champion may Loot anything useful. Almost all of the goods found are not worth carrying, however a small wordlock chest is found beneath alot of empty sackcloth wrapping. Should the Champion be successful in solving the puzzle and unlocking the chest, they will find and acquire a pair of Winged Sabatons and 300 EC.

Proceeding to the northernmost point, the Champion will find a Fountain that will restore the health of the Champion and their party, however this fountain can only be used once. Choosing to Approach the altar will lead to Master Whisper, the overseer of the excavation operation on the Sorran altar. He is quite civilized, giving the Champion his name and asking for theirs in return. He will also tell of why the cult is in the altar in the first place and gives a monologue on the reason why he follows the cult, he gives this monologue to delay the Champion so the other cultists may get far enough away that the Champion cannot follow them.

Once Whisper has been defeated, he will unfortunately be able to escape the Champion by moving through the shadows, using it as portals. Unable to give chase to the fleeing cultists, the Champion and their party decide to comb what's left of the altar and if they can find the artifact Sanders mentioned. Through thorough examination, the Champion is able to find a long, thin metal-bound case on the altar. In the case is a ceremonial short spear, but in any case it is probably the artifact Sanders wanted.

Returning to Sanders with the spear in hand, the Champion will find that the cloister is almost fully constructed. Sanders will note that although Sorra's Succor is the genuine article from the descriptions that he has heard, the spear holds no trace of divine power. For their effort Sanders will award the Champion some money and Kaelirra's Tears, which was something he had during his more active days. This marks the end for this quest and the next time the Champion visits the chapel, a new option is available.

If the Champion were to be defeated during their journey, they will be knocked out and placed upon an altar in which Master Tollus will trap the soul of the Champion in a prism using to use as leverage against Kasyrra. An uncertain amount of time passes after being trapped, the Champion has been used as Tollus' test subject and has become a demon stuck within a prismatic prison. The Champion will find that Tollus has brought with him, Kasyrra, and will reveal to her the Sorran artifact that is the prison that contains the Champion's soul. Tollus will usurp Kasyrra and will trap her into the artifact together with the Champion. Once Kasyrra realizes that escape from the prison is futile, she will turn to the Champion in a fit of sorrowful rage, stating that it's their fault for why she's been trapped and usurped. She had spent all her time looking for the Champion ever since their disappearance. She will state why she's so infatuated with the Champion, that this strange and troubling phenomenon of her's resulted in her downfall was because she is in love with the Champion. She will get what she's always wanted in a way and with that she and the Champion will f*ck each other till the end of days, resulting in a Bad End (but is it really all that bad?).


A patrol of 3-4 Cultists led by a Cultist Mage or Cultist Bloodletter.

The Cultist Barricade will consist of 8 Cultists.

Cultist Reaver once the Champion has dealt with the barricade.

Master Whisper as the final boss of this quest.


Unlocking the wordlock chest will reward:

  • Winged Sabatons
  • 300 EC


  • 500 XP
  • 1x Kaelirra's Tears
  • Cultist Reaver statue (If Quintillus is present and allowed him to do it)

Chest Puzzle Spoiler


So... The cOrrect answeR is a Mystery! Storm

Getting Into The Closet - Corruption of Champions II (2024)
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