All About Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson's Baby: From Pregnancy to First Photo (2024)

All About Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson's Baby: From Pregnancy to First Photo (1)

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson became first-time parents in March 2024.

Waterhouse announced that she and Pattinson were expecting during a performance in November 2023. In the months that followed, the "OMG" singer made multiple red-carpet appearances where she was photographed hugging her baby bump. In March 2024, the couple privately welcomed their baby girl, with Waterhouse only announcing the birth weeks later.

Waterhouse and The Batman actor first started dating in 2018 and quietly got engaged in December 2023, a source told PEOPLE.

“They are engaged. They both want to be married. It’s important for them,” the source said at the time, adding that Pattinson couldn’t “wait to be a dad.”

From their pregnancy reveal to the first photos of their baby, here’s everything to know about Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson’s kid.

Waterhouse announced she was expecting in November 2023

All About Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson's Baby: From Pregnancy to First Photo (2)

The Daisy Jones & the Six actress first announced she was pregnant in a sweet reveal during her performance at the Corona Capital Festival in November 2023.

Dressed in a sparkly pink minidress adorned in glitter and feathers, she told the crowd, “I'm extra sparkly today because I thought it might distract you from something else that's going on."

She then opened up her coat, revealing her baby bump as the crowd cheered. “I’m not sure if it’s working,” she joked before starting to sing.

After she revealed the news, a source told PEOPLE that Pattinson and Waterhouse were “thrilled” to be expecting.

"He and Suki are very serious and have been. A baby coming is an absolute joy for them," the insider said. "They are thrilled beyond words.”

Another source added, "They are ready for a child, and looking forward to becoming parents. Even though they are both professionals who work a great deal, this is something they want. They know their lives will change, and they are excited.”

Waterhouse showed off her bump on the red carpet throughout her pregnancy

After her initial reveal, Waterhouse proudly cradled her growing baby bump on red carpets through awards season, starting with her debut at the 2023 Fashion Awards in London in December.

She posed on the red carpet in a red H&M Studio strapless dress, cradling her bump for the cameras.

A month later, Waterhouse walked the carpet at the Primetime Emmy Awards in January 2024 in a stunning red Valentino gown with cutouts that showed off her growing belly. She told E! News on the carpet that the designer had to adjust it for her during fittings.

"I tried it on a couple of months ago but it didn’t even — like, I had to hold it,” she said. “The fitting was me just holding it to my body, so they had to really take it apart, and they had to redesign this dress to make it fit the bump. But it does and I’m really happy that it worked."

Waterhouse’s costar Camila Morrone joked about wanting to be the godmother

All About Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson's Baby: From Pregnancy to First Photo (4)

Ahead of the baby's arrival, Waterhouse’s close friend andDaisy Jones & the SixcostarCamila Morronewas already campaigning for a special role in the newborn's life: godmother!

"I’m very happy for them. They are amazing people. She is going to be the best mom," Morrone told Extra in January 2024.

"I actually want to be the godmother. I asked her, which you are not really supposed to do as a godmother; they are supposed to give it to you, but I asked for it. So, we’ll see,” she added.

Pattinson and Waterhouse’s daughter was born in March 2024

All About Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson's Baby: From Pregnancy to First Photo (5)

Though the couple didn’t initially announce the birth of their child, photos captured by the Daily Mail showed the two pushing a pink stroller as they took a walk in Los Angeles in March 2024.

The following month, Waterhouse shared the first photo of the newborn and revealed at Coachella that she and Pattinson had welcomed a baby girl.

Waterhouse said she was experiencing "so many hormones" after welcoming her baby

All About Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson's Baby: From Pregnancy to First Photo (6)

Waterhouse shared mirror selfies on Instagram in April 2024 wearing an open cardigan and Frida Mom Postpartum Underwear, showing off her body after giving birth.

In the caption, she reflected on the "fourth trimester" and how she had been treating herself with kindness as her body recovered.

"The fourth trimester has been… humbling! the postpartum period has been filled with exhilarating joy, so much laughter, tears, so many hormones!" Waterhouse wrote. "I’m proud of everything my body has achieved and proud of the kindness and grace I’ve given myself during this recovery period. 💕."

Waterhouse posed for the cover of British Vogue while holding her daughter

In July 2024, Waterhouse and her daughter appeared on the cover of British Vogue. The actress spoke candidly with the outlet about motherhood — specifically the moment she found out she was having a baby girl and called her “mum in floods of tears."

"I was like, ‘Oh, my God, am I going to have to go through what [you] went through with me?’ I was just such a little b----,” Waterhouse admitted. "[My mum] usually loves telling my terrible teenage stories, but she was like, ‘No, no, you were great. You were amazing, you were fine.’ "

All About Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson's Baby: From Pregnancy to First Photo (2024)
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